March 3, 2024
American Optical Pilot Sunglasses

When I was a kid I hated aviator glasses as they were meant for crotchety old men. Obviously that isn’t true, but when I was younger I still had a lot of learning to do!

When I got older, sometimes, I decided I actually really like aviators. Even more than that, I wanted some which pretty much happened by accident. My husband bought a pair when we were on vacation and I had left mine behind. I stole his for a moment, caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror and was surprised that I loved the way they look.

American Optical Pilot Sunglasses


Pilot Perfect

Aviators are definitely moved to my heart. American Optical Original Pilot Eyewear with Bayonet Temples are not exactly aviators but they’re pretty close. They have the same bridge over the nose and similar shaped lenses. They are called pilot eyewear, so they can’t be that far off from aviators. The biggest difference is the lenses and frames are flatter on the bottom than typical aviators. The original style has slightly pointed lenses on the bottom that looks like a teardrop.

Lenses like Windshields

Glass lenses are part of their wonder, and they add a certain level of class and style to the magic of these. Aside from the material, the glass lenses have true color technology which means that even with colored lenses, the world looks like it’s in all the correct hues for the person wearing them.
Do bear in mind though that because the lenses are made of glass, they can feel heavier than those made from polycarbonate. That being said, glass is much higher quality and that’s what these sunglasses are all about!

Not Meant for Fighting

These glasses have what’s called Bayonet Temples, which means they have wider arms that are covered in rubber and get much larger at the ends with attachments to the frame. They are supposed to stay in place better than other glasses that don’t have the rubberized attachments plus, this makes them way more comfortable.

Flight-Worthy Style

American Optical Size and StyleOriginal Pilot Eyewear is available in several different colored frames including gold, black, silver and matte chrome. They also come in three different sizes: 52, 55 and 57 mm. There are plenty of different versions for flight-worthy style depending on how much flash you want.

Size Matters

The three different sizes on offer are great for variety’s sake, but many people who have tried the 52 mm feel they’re way too small for adults who have average sized heads. Personally, I would go with the 55 mm, and if necessary would take them to an optician to be adjusted so they fit properly.

These Glasses Are out Of This World

The quality can’t be brought into question when you understand what type of people wear these glasses. For instance, they’re the preferred eyewear for Air Force for pilots, and if that isn’t enough to wow you they were also the eyewear of choice for Neil Armstrong. An ASTRONAUT wore these! You can also find glasses just like these in a lot of different movies and shows. They are the iconic style of an era and they’re still awesome today.

The Best of the Best

The American Optical Pilot Eyewear with bayonet temples is the right price for the right pair of sunglasses. For just under $60, you get a durable and high quality pair of glasses that have everything except girly details and polarized lenses. These glasses are so nice you may even want more than one pair in a different color so you can mix and match them with various outfits.