March 3, 2024

Unleash the rock ‘n’ roll attitude in you by just slipping on a pair of Jimmy Choo’s BIKER shades. As gals, it’s totally acceptable—and actually super stylish—to inject a little masculine edge into an ensemble. With their androgynous geometric frame shapes, the vintage-inspired sunnies in this collection are the perfect additions to any woman’s wardrobe.  After all, the neutral frame colors—tortoise, nude, matte black and gloss black, with varying lens hues—pair well with all other tones.

Be bold and sport a cool leather jacket, skin-tight pants and booties with these frames to create a true rocker look. Or do the unexpected and wear a more feminine outfit with these shades—try a short, flowing dress with pumps. The contrasting styles will make you appear girly, yet dangerous. Either way, these frames—with discreet details like small metal studs shaped like spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs—have the potential to amp up any femme’s face!

Get your own set of these fabulous frames at Jimmy Choo boutiques, department stores and optical retailers.

Jimmy Choo (BIKER in various colors)