April 13, 2024

womens oakley cycling sunglasses

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It may not be easy but it is definitely fun to put together the entire gear for a cyclist’s summer out or competition season. Here are the top Oakley Sunglasses perfect for any female cyclist.

Miss Conduct

oakley miss conduct womens sunglasses(Sold on Amazon)

These are the performance sunglasses with a classic look that every woman, cyclist or not, has desired to make part of their wardrobe. These are the glasses that can hold on their own, and with the sky blue lenses, they can go perfectly with so many cycling apparel colors and gears. With extending lens, there is more clarity and cyclists have a way to peripheral vision. This also helps to improve the side protection against the outdoors elements from all sides.

Flak Jacket XLJ

oakley flak jacket xlj

It is all about the angles with this pair of sunglasses. The Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ Iridium has the same frame as we all saw in the first Flak Jacket, but this one is slightly larger, a bit more squared off. The improvements that they made for this were so as to cater to women with slightly larger faces. The Jade coating comes with neutral green base with a mirror coating for sunny days. It also allows for 17% light transmission.


This pair officially has 44% bigger field view than your standard cycling sunglasses. The Switch back lens interchange system lets you switch the lenses quickly to the simple mechanism. The temple adjustability allows for space for the bike helmet, so no! They are not THAT big.

oakley jawbreaker

Radar Lock

oakley radar lock

High definition optics and switch lock interchangeable technology are the highlights of these sunglasses. You want these features for eyes that have sharp vision and are fatigue free no matter how the light changes. These are super cool if you want something innovative looking to go with your gear and apparel; you do not have to hide in the plantation to make these camouflage patterns work.

Half Jacket 2.0

oakley half jacket 2.0

The polarized sunglasses are the next generation of Oakley’s best selling line of Sport performance shades. Like the name suggests, 2.0 comes with carefully crafted balance that mixes the best aspects about the Old pairs of Half Jacket and recent Fast Jacket for subtle edge and comfort. The sunglasses come with Oakley’s own superlative polarized sunglasses. You get optical clarity as well as glare reduction so that you are able to spend the brightest days ever on your bike.

Radar lock Edge

oakley radarlock edge womens sunglasses(Sold on Amazon)

The Radar lock Edge is super appealing and only the athletes know how light and comfy they are even when at first glance they do not look like that. The shades protect your eyes from Plutonite Sun with the help of fighting and impact resisting lenses that work no matter what the outdoors environment is like.

You can even quick change these low light lenses so that when the sun burst out in the scene, it doesn’t hurt your eyes or make you want to switch to shady trails.