March 1, 2024

The summer heat is getting to us and we’re starting to dream about cooler temps, warm drinks and pumpkin everything – not to mention hot new eyewear trends fit for the change of season. Enticing colors like subdued blues and feminine pinks mix with warm fall hues for an unexpected but completely welcomed color palette. Trends that incorporate classic styles made new, barrier-breaking details, out-of-the-box fashions and artistic vibes will leave you desiring these specs and sunnies long into the winter months. Choose a fresh pair for autumn by taking a peek, below, and for even more inspiration, check out the full trends here.

Artisanal Envy

Celebrating the unstyled nature of timeless fashion, fall presents a fresh array of easygoing eyewear that is trending this season and beyond. Embodying the sentiment that classic pieces never go out of style, these intrinsically simple frames are crafted to be tried-and-true wardrobe staples that men and women will find themselves grabbing over and over again. Lacking gender barriers, men and women alike see strikingly similar versatile hues like ambers, milky and denim blues, steel grays and soft khakis. No-fuss guys enjoy dependable rectangular, aviator and squared-off profiles with minimal detailing besides subtle ombré effects, matte and glossy finishes, and textured elements for professional panache. Meanwhile, gals slightly push the limits with hints of mint greens and cutesy pinks, teensy rhinestones, quilted temples and funky browlines, bringing extra spunk to the ordinary.

Color in Optics, ltd. (Panther II), Leon Max (LM 4032), Randolph Engineering (Concorde), iGreen Plus (IGPL03), Bagdley Mischka (Nora), Foster Grant (Bria)

Color in Optics, ltd. (Panther II), Leon Max (LM 4032), Randolph Engineering (Concorde), iGreen Plus (IGPL03), Bagdley Mischka (Nora), Foster Grant (Bria)


Boundless Eccentricity

More statement-making than ever before, autumn’s eyewear says goodbye to the norm and embraces the peculiar. Allowing their imaginations to run rampant, designers have cast all boundaries aside, injecting this season with utterly brilliant specs and sunnies that prove anything goes. Atypical color treatments and never-done-before silhouettes make these frames wildly undone, setting the stage for an entirely new realm of fashion. Men shockingly find themselves face-to-face with tropical motifs of flora and fauna, audacious temple blinders and funky bridges. All the while women unveil their sassy sides with flashy lenses, an unexpected mix of oversized, organic and futuristic shapes, extended feline-like temples, glittery inlays, costume-ish patterns and so much more.


Vuarnet (VL 1602), Lafont (TIPHANE), Desert Sunglass (LA195511), Etnia Barcelona (Basquiat01), Kingsley Rowe (Vince), Dolce & Gabbana (DG3247)


Relics Unraveled

Remnants of the far past and distant future collide this season, giving way to historically romantic period pieces mixed with modern edge. Rooted in yesteryear, the selection of autumnal eyeglasses and sunglasses presents a lovely juxtaposition of traditionally vintage frames with contemporary accents. Turning back time, ladies are transported to an age where luxury and opulence reigned supreme – picture femme lace, glitzy gemstones, shimmery gold finishes, sparkly prints and ornate etching. For gents, the quirkier side of the bygone era permeates with categorically old-school Clubmaster, round and teardrop silhouettes, adorned with tile-work patterns, industrial metals, leather appliques, rugged wood finishes and clip-on lenses. An earthy, yet elegant, palette of rich reds and emeralds, burnt coppers and browns, as well as nudes and off-whites rounds out this old-meets-new trend.


Seventy one (Emory), Icon Eyewear (30442), Modo Paper-Thin ULTRA (682), JINS (Modernized Vintage Color), eyeOs (SCHOLAR), Roberto Cavalli (rc1014)


Spirited Moxie

Reawakening the senses with designs that pack a punch, this collection of seasonal glasses and shades takes a big step out of the box. Beyond bold colors, shapes and patterns steal the spotlight giving way to eyewear that is anything but blasé for fall. With a psychedelic undertone at the forefront, dudes and babes will equally revel in eye-catching mirrored lenses and rainbow-inspired pigments from sassy reds and oranges, to trippy turquoises, to sour greens and yellows. With sporty vibes at the core of the masculine department, wraparound and shield profiles, rubberized components and cool color blocking stand out from the crowd. On the flip side, women surprisingly uncover fragments of spring with rosy undertones, luscious ladylike prints and more feminine silhouettes with mere traces of athleticism.


TOMS Eyewear (Luisa), TD Tom Davies (41540), Aspire Eyewear (Artistic), Jaguar (03_7717_610), Costa (Travally), Lulu Guiness (L898)