March 3, 2024

Armed with a passion for fashion and all things eyewear, I will be bringing you the latest news, trends, tips, celeb sightings and more on the Eyecessorize blog! I’m making it my personal mission to make sure you’ve got the knowledge to go out and build your perfect eyewear wardrobe so you too can be fashionably framed.

For now, have a look at these fun facts:

70% of people who buy sunglasses consider the fit on their face before making a purchase. This is definitely something everyone should do! Eyecessorize has a great face shape guide that will help you find the perfect fit so you will know what to look for when you buy new frames.

76% of Americans believe that a person’s choice of eyeglasses reflects his or her personality. What does your eyewear say about you?

92% of men disagree with the statement “guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.” Girls with glasses are hot!

4 million eyeglass buyers last year were influenced by celebrity eyewear fashions. See the latest looks celebs are wearing.

63% of American adults believe eyeglasses can be described as more fashionable now than they were five years ago. They are one of the hottest and most fun fashion accessories so that would only seem right!

147 million Americans over the age of 18 wear eyeglasses. With an increase of 2.5 million over the last two years, that’s a lot of fabulously framed faces!

What’s your position on these stats? Do you agree?