March 3, 2024

Your heart is thumping. Your legs are restless. You’re amped to hit the slopes. But before you surrender to the adrenaline and embark on your next wintry adventure, it’s key to ensure your peepers are properly protected from the frigid elements. With sunlight reflecting off the bright white snow and chunks of ice spewing toward your face, your eyes are sure to take a beating…unless they’re fully shielded, that is.

What better way to keep them safe than with LACOSTE LAB goggles?! Created with neon colors like red, yellow, green and blue, these futuristic-looking goggles—which of course feature LACOSTE’s signature crocodile logo—will add stylish energy to any snowboarder or skier’s ensemble. So as you tear up the slopes, you’ll look—and see—your best!