March 3, 2024

Sadly, the holiday celebrations are over—no more dazzling decorations, tasty treats or playful parties. But the hoopla doesn’t have to come to a halt. It’s a New Year, which means you’re granted a so-called clean slate in life, and, as expected, those annual resolutions start piling up. You can do whatever you put your mind to, whether you need to lose weight, save cash or quit a bad habit. However, don’t completely bog yourself down with super tough goals—why not add something fun like “make myself feel fabulous” to your list of 2013 plans?

A simple way to boost your self-esteem is by giving yourself an eyewear makeover to truly play up your peepers—after all, they’re your most noticeable facial feature. Swap out your blasé specs, sunnies or both for something a bit spexier! Your face will thank you! We’ve provided some helpful tips to lead you to the perfect eyewear.

Find the Perfect Fit for Your Face

Steer clear of making hasty decisions when choosing frames. Sure, you may love a pair of cat-eyes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will complement your face shape. You want your eyewear to enhance, not clash with, the natural beauty of your face! So figure out your face shape—whether it be oval, heart, oblong, round, square or a combination—and pick your eyewear accordingly using these pointers!

Match Your Eyewear to Your Fashion Personality

As you shop, you are constantly making decisions based on your fashion personality, whether you realize it or not! Take a peek inside your closet, and you’ll probably notice all your clothing and accessories take on a cohesive style. You could be classically inclined channeling a timeless vibe, or you could exude a hipster edge with eclectic pieces. Regardless, make your eyewear follow suit, and choose frames that will put the finishing touch on your look, using these tips and ideas.

Stay in Tune with the Trends

Although winter is in full swing, it’s never too early to start dreaming about warmer and brighter times! Take cue from the spring/summer 2013 runways and make a few new additions to your eyewear collection. Dudes, look for favorite frames like aviators, wayfarers and Clubmaster-inspired shapes with dapper influences; texturized materials of wood, leather and metal; and mirrored lenses in red, orange and green. Ladies, look for dramatized versions of classic shapes like cat-eyes, rounds and geometrics; sparkly embellishments; and gradient lenses in warm pinks and purples.

Keep Your Makeup Complementary

You definitely don’t want your peepers to get lost underneath a pair of specs! By slightly altering your makeup regimen, you can easily ensure your eyes pop while wearing frames. Always keep your eyebrows well groomed and perfectly shaped, as they are meant to frame your eyes—don’t be afraid to fill them in a bit with shadow or a pencil. Lenses can amplify the appearance of dark circles, so apply concealer under your eyes to brighten the area. Since so much attention will be on your eyes, balance your face by opting for a bold lip color. And that’s not all—there are plenty of other beauty tips you can try!

Don’t Be Afraid of Bold Color

If you think sticking to dull hues for your eyewear is the way to go, you’re clearly mistaken! Sporting specs and shades in eye-popping colors is a terrific way to add spice not only to your face, but also to an entire ensemble. Lucky for you, the Pantone Color Institute has already released the palette for spring and summer. Both guys and gals have quite a variety of gorgeous colors to choose from, ranging from the khaki-like neutral Tidal Foam, to stabilizing tones like Dusk Blue and Monaco Blue, to invigorating hues like Poppy Red, Vibrant Orange and Sunflower.

Start a Collection

We’re sure you have more than one pair of jeans—a number you probably don’t want to admit! So why not invest in multiple pairs of specs and sunnies? Sure, you could wear the same frames day in and day out, but there’s no fun in that. Instead, indulge in several pairs, and draw inspiration from some of our favorite celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Ryan Gosling who both rock frames in varying styles!