April 22, 2024

Two-year-old grey moggy Bagel – known to her thousands of fans as Sunglass Cat – is unable to develop tears and requires eye drops several times a day.

A cat born without eyelids has become an internet sensation – after her medical condition means she has to wear sunglasses .

She is also unable to regulate her body temperature, which means she sometimes has to wear clothes.

All of which of course makes her one of the coolest-looking cats around – and now Bagel has become a social media celebrity thanks to pictures posted on Instagram by her owner Karen McGill.


Karen, 48, made the decision to give Bagel sunglasses after her vet said it would protect her sensitive eyes.

Having the sunglasses – which are lined with stick-on jewels – helps stop debris from going in Bagel’s eyes, which could damage her cornea and lead to blindness.

Bagel has now grown used to the eyewear, associating wearing them with comfort and protection.

Every once in a while she will remove the eyewear to allow her to wash, but when out in public, she usually keeps them on, drawing a lot of attention.

Karen, from Los Angeles, said: “Bagel is the most loving, gentle, calmest, kindest cat that you’ll ever meet.

“Everyone always wants to touch her as well as hold her.

“They want to stop and talk to me about her sunglasses which I always do since it’s so rare to see a cat in glasses, and I tell them why she’s wearing them as well as her condition.

“People are always amazed at how calm she is.”
Karen adopted Bagel when the lovable feline was just two months old, and hopes that her popularity will encourage others to adopt and volunteer to care for special needs animals.

Karen said: “Animals deserve to be happy in a loving home.

“If I didn’t adopt Bagel she probably would’ve been returned and euthanized due to her special needs – I couldn’t fathom Bagel not being here.

“She has touched so many people as well as helped numerous people through situations in their lives.

“As long as I can put a smile on someone’s face, make them have a better day, look at life differently because of our posts, then her Instagram account is successful.”