April 21, 2024
Prada PR27NS sunglasses

The Prada PR27OS were thr strangest sunglasses I have ever seen. But it pleased me because they have  really fulfilled my passion for strange things other people might consider… um… unattractive. I however, think they’re fabulous!

Well, I was wrong about them being the strangest, but the next alternative is only a touch off of that one. Another pair by Prada really throws you into the OMG category, and you’ll probably either love them or hate them.

Round For A Reason

Prada makes the PR27NS Sunglasses which have the same arms as the PR27OS with round lenses instead of square. The PR27OS took some time for me to get used to before I felt I could love them.
I loved these from the moment I saw them. Right or wrong, I am madly passionate about these wacky yet delightful sunglasses.

Prada PR27NS sunglasses


Small Faces Can’t Stay Up

These glasses have a looser fit than some thick rimmed glasses, and they may be too loose on small faces. A quick trip to the optician should be enough to make them a snug fit, but they may not fit smaller or narrower faces right out of the case. The frames themselves are huge even if the style is the right fit. They will basically cover most faces of all sizes.

Prescription Available For Fabulousness

You can make these into prescription lenses if you want sunglasses with a lot more style than you can probably buy at the optometrist’s office.

Options To Make Them Even More Eye Catching

The PR27NS come in five different color options including black, Havana spotted, top black with medium Havana frame, top black with white Havana frame and tortoise. The Havana options make the frame a little more dramatic than the regular ones.

Personally, I would stick with either black or tortoise because as much as I love the Havana pattern, these glasses don’t need any help being over the top, and I don’t want to overdo it.

Prada PR27NS designs

The Case For Amazing

The case that comes with these glasses (which you’ll want to use to protect your substantial investment) is VERY large. So, if you’re the type to use a purse that’s only just big enough to carry some lipstick and your keys, you may want to consider getting something larger. That being said, the case is SO fabulous I’ll bet you’ll opt for a new bag!

There Aren’t Words To Describe This Love

Like the similar glasses with a square frame, Prada PR27NS Sunglasses are not cheap. They will put you out around $175, so you want to make sure you love them. For me, they’re worth every penny!