December 8, 2023
Ray-Ban 3016 Classic Clubmaster

The Ray-Ban RB3016 Classic Clubmaster Sunglasses with the small, classic frame of the original Clubmasters hit the market many years ago, which have reappeared many times throughout the years. But the biggest difference between the current and previous versions is that these come in every color imaginable.

Ray-Ban 3016 Classic Clubmaster




Small Face Club

These glasses are pretty small, so they’re not designed for large heads or wide faces. They come in 2 sizes, 49 and 51 mm, so people with larger faces can give them a shot, but the 51 mm size may still be too small.

For small glasses, they can be pretty heavy. If you’re looking for glasses that are lightweight, these may not be the pair for you.

Club of Opportunities

As said, these glasses come in more than 20 different colors and combinations from muted black on black, to colors that are way more out there. These include teal lenses, cobalt blue frames and others with yellow accents, and it doesn’t stop there. They aren’t polarized though, but you do get UV protection so you still get plenty of protection for your eyes.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Color Options

Club Of Style

Overall, if you want a classic style of sunglasses for a small face, these may fill all of the criteria you need (even though they are a little heavy). More than that, they come in at just over $100 which makes them a very affordable way of getting style and flair along with a classic look.