February 26, 2024

In true Ray-Ban fashion, their new marketing campaign offers a healthy dose of rebellion paired with just the right amount of style. Shot by renowned photographer Steven Klein, each image portrays individuals breaking out of the stereotypes we all are burdened with and keep us from being our true selves. Just like the featured frames (and the stylin’ guys and gals who sport ‘em), each shot is overflowing with diversity and individualism. Take a peek, below, at the new campaign images and then go grab a pair for yourself.

The General: This guy is escaping from the tough streets that make him feel caged in so he can start again and build a better future.

Ray-Ban (The General)

Aviator: Rejecting the social stereotypes of the “successful business men,” he’s leaving the suit and tie behind to embrace his freedom.

Ray-Ban (Aviator)

Ja-Jo: Not all artists want their name in flashing lights, and this gal has no interest in the fame or glory of her award, as she slips out the back stage door to enjoy her evening making music.

Ray-Ban (Ja-Jo)

Dean: This leading lady is leaving a broken love behind that has made her feel trapped so she can have a new beginning.

Ray-Ban (Dean)

Wayfarer: Ignoring the status quo, this gal and her beau enjoy a night out on the town indulging their passions for dance.

Ray-Ban (Wayfarer)Ray-Ban (Wayfarer)

Blaze: These youngsters are ready to say goodbye to their hometown so they can realize their dreams.

Ray-Ban (Blaze)