March 3, 2024

Did you know June 27th marks National Sunglasses Day? It’s the perfect time to shed light on the importance of wearing sunnies, not only for style purposes, but also for health reasons! All year round, whether it’s sunny or cloudy outside, sunglasses are absolutely essential to protect your eyes from damaging UV rays—exposure can actually accelerate serious eye health problems, like cataracts, macular degeneration, abnormal growths and even cancer. So here’s the bottom line, y’all: You’ve gotta wear shades when you venture outdoors. No ifs, ands or buts!

Lucky for you, we’ve debunked the most common sunglass myths, uncovering facts that you should definitely keep in mind when shopping for your next pair of sunnies:

  • Not all sunglasses offer UVA/UVB protection! Despite the health risks of UV exposure, not all pairs have sufficient protection. Always choose a pair that has a label, sticker or tag indicating UV protection.
  • High cost doesn’t always mean good protection! You don’t have to break the bank to get proper UV protection. But be sure to buy sunglasses at a reputable dealer—no street vendors, please!
  • Just because the lenses appear darker, doesn’t mean they offer better protection! Wearing sunglasses with dark lenses without adequate UV protection can actually be worse than wearing no sunglasses at all because they cause the eye’s pupil to dilate, which then increases retinal exposure to unfiltered UV light. So even though your eyes may feel more comfortable, they’re actually at greater risk for damage.

Even better, guys and gals alike don’t have to sacrifice style for protection. There are lots of sunglasses that are just as protective as they are fashion-forward. To boot, snagging multiple pairs will allow for even more versatility when it comes to your ever-changing wardrobe. Take a looksie at the trendy pairs we’re coveting this season, as well as details about what makes their lenses protective, below. Get even more information about UV protection at

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