December 8, 2023

We have experiences at Sunglass Warehouse, which is the same as one of the greatest experiences of the season — college basketball. As we march towards the biggest tournament in college basketball thousands of fans will congregate in stadiums, bars, restaurants, and living rooms to cheer on their favorite teams. Whether you’re wearing your team’s jersey or going all out with face paint, what you wear definitely adds to the hype. What better way to complete your game time get-up than with the perfect pair of shades. To connect you with the right shades, we’ve pulled together a list of the best shades that fit your fan personality:

The diehard fan

The diehard fan knows every statistic about their team. Their loyalty runs extremely deep and they love any chance to talk about their team. This fan has been known to be very superstitious, even having game day attire that matches their superstitions. The diehard fan doesn’t like messing with their game day wear because they know it works. So when it comes to sunglasses, they need to do their job without hindering their lucky jersey’s powers. What this fan needs, is a pair of the Arcadia.



The bandwagon fan

The bandwagon fan has only recently started paying attention to basketball. All of a sudden their coworkers are passing around brackets, and their local team that they once never paid attention to is now starting to make noise in the tournament. Not wanting to miss out on the bracket fun, this fan has given themselves a crash course on the basic stats of their newfound “favorite” team. What this fan forgot to do was invest in gear that would allow them to appear as a loyal fan. No worries, in a pair of Admiral shades no one will even miss your fan apparel.


The “I’m just here for the food and a good time” fan 

This fan does not care who wins the tournament and they aren’t ashamed to show it. They simply want to hangout with their friends, kickback with some good food, and let the good times roll. This type of fan definitely isn’t worried about their sports apparel. A pair of Jackson sunglasses is just what this party loving fan needs for a day of drinks and basketball on the patio.


The underdog fan

You guessed it — the underdog fan is all about rooting for the underdog team. This fan loves arranging their bracket according to who they think will make the biggest upsets, and is always on the lookout for who will emerge as the top underdog. This fan definitely has a favorite team, but they live for the rollercoaster ride that comes with March Madness. To match their spontaneous and optimistic personality, the underdog fan should opt for a pair of Antigua sunglasses.


The “bracketologist”

The “bracketologist” has been waiting for this tournament all season. This fan takes their bracket skills very serious and breathes in every word that comes from the sports analysts’ mouth. The “bracketologist” may spend hours, even days, working on organizing their bracket to a T. This focused fan needs a pair of Klein sunglasses.


Do you fit in a fan category that we missed? We’d love to hear about it, and even help you pick a pair of shades accordingly!