April 13, 2024

Inspired by everyday runs on the Charles River, Tracksmith collaborated with the Michigan-based Article One sports firm to make a pair of running sunglasses made for marathon fans. These are the first pair of jogging sunglasses that Tracksmith has produced and, exactly like the rest of their dependable running gear, they combine modern technology with a classic shape.

Running Sunglasses

Constructed from lightweight TR90 plastic plastic with a cable core skeleton, these shades will not weigh you down in your way for your PR (personal record). To ensure they don’t fall off, even when you kick things into high gear, these colors are made with silicone pads on the nose and earpieces. You can purchase a pair of those sharp, utilitarian Men’s Sunglasses right now and odds are they’ll function as go-to sunlight blockers. These specialized sunglasses are available in gold, wine and navy.