April 21, 2024

When travelling, this is particularly important. It may be easy to throw your glasses without the circumstance in one pocket, however avoid the temptation! Employing a situation will stop finding your glasses distorted or scratched by the time you arrive in your stop.

Clean Glasses
This seems clear, but it’s easy to forget! Just run your glasses and apply the microfiber fabric that came with your glasses to gently rub dirt out of your lenses away. Remember to provide some attention to those nose pads, which may build up oils, dirt, and cosmetics (gross)! Of course, you may even use a spray solution.

Use Both Hands
When shooting
Glasses Off
Try not to use just one hand (although it seems cooler), since this will stretch the arms out, causing your glasses to slide endlessly. By using two hands you prevent readjusting the screws, which if stretched too far might be unfixable – yikes!



Try to steer clear of this though act as a temporary headband for flyaways and eye glasses appear to match there. It can distort the arms and many likely cause them to drop… not so ideal after all

Do Not Clean With Clothing, Paper Towel Or Tissue
When you’ve noticed your lenses are blurry try to avoid using your shirt… although it’s convenient! Fabrics like clothes, paper towel or tissue can scratch on your lenses and are overly harsh. Use the microfiber fabric that came with your glasses.

Do Not Leave Your Glasses On The Dashboard
The sunlight melt frames or even can damage lens coatings. Rather, use an eyeglass visor clip or maintain a spare case in your glove box… unless you’re going for the Salvador Dali melted-clock Appearance