March 3, 2024

The aviator is among the most well-known sunglasses styles on the marketplace. This may be confirmed by wholesale sunglasses retailers. But were you aware that aviators were not supposed to be released in the market? They were really created for a different purpose.
Bausch and Lomb made aviators for pilots; thus, it was known as the pilot’s sunglasses. They were designed to protect the pilots’ eyes flying with their jet fighter or aircraft aircraft. Aviator sunglasses are characterized by their dark reflective lenses and thin metallic frames and bayonet earpieces.
The original aviators introduced for pilots actually have 15 tempered glass lenses which transmit 15% of incoming light. Their lenses also happen to be bigger than the typical shades of the age. Those lenses were designed to cover the whole selection of the pilot’s eyes to divert as much light as you possibly can. And that has been the initial plan for aviators. However, all of this changed because of one event. Reporters took photographs of himand it was not long before folks saw his pictures in the newspapers. Owing to its masculine and trendy design, the aviators immediately became a hot subject. It had been so famous that Bausch and Lomb committed an entire line of aviator sunglasses to McArthur in 1987.


From the year 1940 to 1950, aviators climbed even more popular due to its alloy designed framework and durability. But during the 1980s, its popularity stalled, which prompted Bausch and Lomb to make a decision that will alter the aviator sunglasses’ history.
In 1982, Bausch and Lomb signed a brand new product placement deal, which allowed films and TV shows to utilize aviators, thus marketing it to the masses. One of the most successful campaigns was 1986 when the movie Top Gun was shown in the theaters. It wasn’t long before aviators started to get attention again. In precisely the exact same year, Bausch and Lomb really saw a 40% increase in their aviator earnings.
And till now, aviator sunglasses are considered to be among the most popular sunglasses styles. It has a staple of pop culture and has now been recognized as a timeless design.