April 21, 2024

Tom Brady is hardly ever spotted in daylight without a pair of one of his favorite sunglasses. It might be those celebrity looks, but let’s face it; Tom always pulls off the right style, without ever failing to make his own personal fashion statement.

The sunglasses you choose say a lot about your personality and style. Tom Brady’s sunglasses are often the perfect accessory to his cool, casual look. Here are some of the sunglasses that Tom Brady has been spotted wearing:

Ray-Ban Wayfarers

tb ray ban wayfarers

WAYFARERS: Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses RB-2140

Tom Brady loves a pair of classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers. We’ve seen him in many occasions wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarers and it’s just a great, classic look for any occasion / outfit.

Tom Ford Unisex TF236 Olivier 02D Sunglasses

tb olivier


These lightweight plastic fashion sunglasses with dark grey gradient lenses give a sleek look, along with 100% UV protection. These Italian-made shades are only available in the “Shiny Havana’ color with grey mirror lenses.

With matte black plastic frames, these sunglasses give their wearer a cool, sophisticated look. Tom Ford TF236 02D sunglasses are made for both men and women with small to medium sized faces.

Because of their shape and color, they give their wearer a laid back, casual look that is ideal for most everyday tasks being done outside.

What to wear with a pair of Tom Ford TF236 02D: Anything cool and casual that you would pick out from your wardrobe to go outside for grocery, or for meeting with friends.


Dolce & Gabbana Aviators

Aviators are a great way to pull off a classic, hot masculine style. A lot of celebrities know this, Tom Brady Knows this and it’s about time you know this too.

More than ones, the NFL Golden Boy has been spotted wearing Dolce and Gabbana Aviators on many occasions. Question is, why does Tom Brady make Dolce and Gabbana his favorite aviator brand?

For one, they are very stylish. The bold single shaded frames and tinted lenses give the face a lot of attitude. They look great at the bridge and the one can choose between mirrored, gradient, brown or black lenses.

What to wear with a pair of Aviators: Aviators look hot with almost anything. They’re perfect with leather jackets, business suits and that T shirt you keep wearing time and again. Aviators are classic and complement any look, but the ones by Dolce and Gabbana really stand out because of their trendy looks and exquisite design.


Good quality sunglasses are primarily used to protect our eyes, but with celebrities making style statements that change fashion trends in the industry, your ordinary pair of sunglasses no longer exists.

And to be fair, Tom Brady REALLY does look good in his sunglasses. It’s because he chooses them well, and isn’t afraid to dress differently despite whatever the latest style trends are. Copy a part of Tom Brady’s trendy look by investing in a pair of Tom Ford or Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses by visiting www.shadesdaddy.com.