March 3, 2024

Neubau Eyewear debuts new specs and sunnies that perfectly pay tribute to classic styles while channeling an urban trendsetter’s vibe. Jewel-toned colorations of gold, green, blue and smoky gray set the stage for these glasses. Keyhole, double and elevated bridges give a nod to the iconic aviator silhouette, while cat-eye shapes evoke old Hollywood glamour.

Meanwhile, three new shades mimic the optical collection while adding their own touch of panache. Similar profiles are adorned with deep burgundies, neutral nudes, icy blues and modified gray tortoise prints. Gradient lenses, plus matte and glossy finishes complete these frames, making them perfect for everyday wear. Check ‘em out, below.

Neubau Eyewear (T016 Toni), Neubau Eyewear (T018 Mia), Neubau Eyewear (T025 Joseph)

Neubau Eyewear (T605 Toni), Neubau Eyewear (T606 Joseph), Neubau Eyewear (T607 Mia)