April 22, 2024

dallas street style

The Zenni Street Style Team packed up our cowboy boots, loaded our playlist with country tunes, and hit the open road once again. That’s right, y’all. After touring the Pacific Northwest, we made it all the way to the Lone Star state! We’ve kicked off Zenni’s first Texas street style edition by hitting the fashionable streets of Dallas in search of the city’s hippest, street-chic residents. Find out what they’re wearing, what’s in their eyewear wardrobes, what’s trending for fall, and see just how great Zennis look in person!

dallas fashion

Image credit: Marsha McGregor

Name: Breanna Gibson

Occupation: I’m a Texas A&M graduate with a degree in HR. I currently work as a Student Outreach Coordinator traveling to schools to prepare physical therapy and occupational therapy students and new graduates for their first positions. I also do part-time wedding planning, and I’m a yoga instructor in the Omaha, Nebraska area!

Spotted: Katy Trail Ice House, Uptown Dallas

Where are you from: I currently live in Omaha but I’m originally from the Dallas area. I’m here this weekend for my birthday and to celebrate my bachelorette with my sisters!

What she likes most about Dallas: I love Texas because it’s the one place where everyone can talk to everyone else and it still feels like you’re talking to a friend. There is always something you can find in common with the person sitting next to you! Being from Fort Worth, I trade off between the big cities! In Fort Worth, you can visit the Stockyards as well as the newer places around West 7th like Landmark Bar & Kitchen, Steel City Pops, and Sweet Sammies.

What she does for fun: I love hanging out with my sisters when I come to visit Dallas. Tonight we’re celebrating my birthday and bachelorette by starting with drinks and apps here at Katy Trail Ice House. There’s never a shortage of great eateries in the DFW area. Later, I’m heading to Cedar Springs Tattoo in Oaklawn with my sisters to get matching sister tattoos. We love Six Flags and any other adrenaline rushes. Tomorrow we’re all going skydiving! We also love our college football on Saturdays…go Aggies!

Outfit: I’m wearing the American Eagle high-waisted skinny jeans that have the perfect amount of stretch so you can still have a comfortable night out! I actually own three of the same pairs of jeans because I love them so much. My v-neck tee and jacket are both from Target. I bought them when I was on a work trip in Bismarck, ND because there’s nothing better than red and yellow leaves to compliment an olive green jacket for fall! A heather gray v-neck is my favorite compared to other neutrals (such as black or white) because it blends well with any sweater and compliments golds and silvers which I frequently switch between for my jewelry.

Personal style: I’ve definitely seen a rise in the grunge and vintage looks in other girls around Dallas. Being someone who’s constantly on the go, I make sure that I won’t be limited to do anything because of my wardrobe. I like to keep a lot of basics on hand and highlight my look with fun accessories for some expression. I’m not one to spend my money on clothes when I can spend it on experiences with my friends and fiancé instead. I am a huge advocate of being comfortable with your body, and when you wear things that make you question your beauty it shows in the way you interact with people. Comfy cute is my go-to!

Where she shops: I’m not the best boutique shopper because I find that prices are a little high for my taste. They are great for inspiration though. Target is always my go to for a quick outfit pick-me-up. If I’m looking for more specifics, I try Banana Republic, American Eagle, or Francesca’s. I also shop a lot at athletic stores, especially Athleta. There’s a lot of great quality clothes at athletic stores that last forever. I’m not really an avid shopper. When my wardrobe is feeling a little worn out, I’ll pick up a few pieces to revitalize it.

What’s in her eyewear wardrobe: I love wearing my Zenni glasses! In college with the late nights, I would often wear my glasses to class and it was great to have the ability to switch between my five different pairs. As for sunglasses, I love a vintage look and my sisters would agree because I have an old soul. I mostly wear aviator style sunglasses and love that vintage styles go with whatever look I’m aiming for. I have somewhat of a heart-shaped face so I try to stay away from the smaller rectangular frames. Let’s just say, not cute! I absolutely love color in all my glasses! Going back to highlighting my basics, I love using my Zennis to spice up my outfit! I wholeheartedly love being a four eyes.

Eyewear: Breanna is wearing Zenni’s fashion-forward, round frames featuring gold metallic detailing and a reflective, silver mirrored lens.




Image credit: Marsha McGregor

Name: Will Davidson

Occupation: Assistant General Manager at Victor Tangos and Freelance Hairstylist

Spotted: Victor Tangos in Knox Henderson, Dallas

Where are you from: I’m originally from Louisiana but I moved to Bedford, Texas when I was 12. After I graduated high school, when I was 17, I moved to Dallas. I’d consider myself a local because I’ve been in Dallas for about 13 years now.

What he likes most about Dallas: The thing I like most about Dallas is the nightlife scene. I love good food and Dallas has a lot of good restaurant options. Then, after dinner, I like grabbing a drink and listening to some good music in a chill environment.

What he does for fun: Recently I’ve been kayaking and paddle boarding around White Rock Lake a lot. It’s very relaxing and it feels great to just center yourself out there. I also love to go out and dance. I’m usually at It’ll Do or at Beauty Bar. Just find me on the dance floor!

Outfit: My jeans are from Forever 21, my shirt is from Urban Outfitters, and my hat is from H&M. My shoes are from Vans. I love anything cosmic or galaxy-ish. Every day when I start getting dressed, I always pause and think about what look I want to give that day. Today, I wanted to be ‘hipster streetwear chic.’ Very casual but I’m still turning heads when I walk down Henderson Ave.

Personal style: My style is all over the place sometimes. Some days I want to be in a button down with a tie, suspenders, and some nice black boots,while other days I just want to put on a deep v-neck tee and throw a plaid button down around my waist and take it back to the ‘90s for a day. I usually try and keep up with current trends; I’m constantly on Tumblr or Instagram looking at all the fashion blogs. A lot of my inspiration comes from Daniel Fox or @magic_fox on Instagram. I feel like he’s my style soulmate. I like high and low fashion mixed together because I think they complement each other very well. My motto is something nice with something vintage, to give your look some character and depth. I’m so excited for the fall and winter season ahead because I love layering. Layering clothes should not make me as happy as it does!

Where he shops: I usually shop anywhere in Northpark Mall. I can really get lost in there and spend all my money but I also do a lot of shopping online. Sometimes I just don’t have time to make it to the mall but I love it because it feels like Christmas to me all the time. My shopping habits are very bad. My closet is packed and I dread doing laundry at times but I can’t stop shopping. I just love having new pieces to play with!

What’s in his eyewear wardrobe: I’ve been wearing glasses on and off for about eight years now. I love all types of glasses. Just like my clothes, my eyewear collection is also out of control. I probably have about 15 to 20 pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses! I tend to gravitate toward retro or flashy statement glasses. I have a retro pair of glasses and sunglasses that flip up and down and I absolutely love to wear them. They remind me of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and I love it. I’m a total ‘90s baby. I also have a pair of sunglasses that are just a full censor bar across my eyes and I live for them. The majority of my glasses are black, navy blue,or gray. I’d say those are my top three favorite colors.

Eyewear: Will’s style is on point for fall in Zenni’s sleek, rectangular acetate frame in deep forest green.



dallas style

Image credit: Marsha McGregor

Name: Katie Randle

Occupation: I work as a model with The Campbell Agency, and I’m the Lead Stylist at the Gypsy Wagon in Dallas.

Spotted: The Gypsy Wagon

Where are you from: I’m originally from Oklahoma City. I moved to Dallas about four years ago, so I’d consider myself a local.

What she likes most about Dallas: Besides the gorgeous skyline, what I love most about Dallas is that there’s a little bit for everyone here. There are so many cool areas to discover. I love to explore Lower Greenville, Lakewood, Knox Henderson, Deep Ellum, and Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff. There’s always something going on somewhere in Dallas.

What she does for fun:
For fun in Dallas, I always love a good concert. There’s a ton of great venues here.
Beauty Bar on Henderson is one of my favorite dance spots to go with my girls. On my days off, I almost always hit up a vintage boutique, antique shop, or a thrift store if I feel like digging for some vintage gold.

Outfit: My hat is a Stetson, I got it at the Stetson outlet in Garland, Texas for a super great deal. I love it so much! I feel so fancy when I wear it. Hats just make me feel cool and I love the way they top off an outfit.
My shirt is a vintage Harley Davidson tee that my boyfriend scored on eBay. He rides a Harley so I feel like I can wear their shirts too! He also bought me most of my rings; he’s really good at picking out what I like! I got my jeans from Urban Outfitters a few years ago. My belt is a thrift find. Thrift stores are a great place to find belts for dirt cheap. My purse is a little vintage baby I scored in Oklahoma for like three dollars! It’s my favorite. I can’t really fit anything in it, but it’s so cute I just make it work. My bandana is another vintage goodie that I scored from Dolly Python, which is one of my favorite vintage shops. I always recommend any antique or vintage lover to go there. They have great vintage turquoise jewelry. And lastly, my boots are from Aldo. I’m probably going to die in a black pointed toe boot. I’ll wear them to my grave!

Personal style: I would describe my personal style as kind of a sweet western badass. I’ll mix really feminine styles with grungier pieces to help balance the two. I’m very inspired by the ‘70s right now, which who isn’t. I want to live in flared jeans and a vintage tee. I get style inspiration from a lot of brands. I’ll see an outfit and think I could thrift something like that and will go on a mission to find it. I really love mixing vintage pieces into my wardrobe because it’s totally unique.

Where she shops: I shop at The Gypsy Wagon a lot because I work there, of course, and because they carry a lot of really great brands that I love such as Spell Byron Bay, Free People, Lenni the label, Girl On a Vine, Day Dreamer, Matisse footwear, and Lack of Colour hats. My favorite vintage shops in Dallas are Vagabond vintage clothing, Dolly Python, and Lulu B’s. I buy a lot of home decor from Lulu B’s. As for online shopping, Nasty Gal is the way to go. Their models could make a trash bag look stunning, they style everything to perfection, and they have so many amazing brands to choose from! Also, Instagram has become a whole new way of shopping for me as well. You can discover so much on that dang app.

What’s in her eyewear wardrobe: For sunnies, I normally go for a rounded ‘90s look although I do like a good ‘70s aviator. I’m really feeling the rose gold mirrored look right now as well!

Eyewear: Katie looks super chic in Zenni’s circular acetate frame paired with a matching rose gold mirrored lens.



What are your top Dallas street-style looks? Tell us in the comments below!