March 1, 2024

Happy hump day, y’all! The work week preceding a holiday weekend — especially when it’s the unofficial kickoff to summer, yay! — can really be a drag. If you’re like us, you’re already mentally packing your bags for that inaugural trip to the beach. Along with the warm-weather fun, however, comes the daunting risks of UV exposure. But don’t fret my pet, we’re not here to rain on your parade! We only want to make sure you know how to protect yourselves to keep you looking young, and, more importantly, staying healthy!

Besides lathering up in your favorite SPF and rocking a beach hat (fedoras are simply a must-have right now, for dudes and chicks alike), you gotta cover up those peepers! Sunnies are a great way to keep your lovely eyes out of the reach of UV rays, and also to keep the surrounding sensitive skin safe and sound — let’s put a stop to those crow’s feet before they start! A couple things to keep in mind: make sure the lenses provide complete UV protection; always buy your shades from a reputable place (aka NOT a street vendor); keep multiple pairs around that work well with your lifestyle; and opt for oversized or wraparound styles that offer more coverage. And remember, those UV rays are out and about all year-round (even when it’s cloudy), so your sunnies aren’t just for summertime!

To give you a better idea about the side effects of sun exposure we’ve included an infographic from The Vision Council‘s UV report below — and some of the facts on there might just surprise you. If you’re interested in the full report, check it out here.

Tune in later this week for our top Memorial Day weekend looks — we’ll have a guest post from style connoisseur Lawrence Zarian!

Courtesy of The Vision Council’s UV Report