April 13, 2024

While some trends never die and always in style, I.E. AVIATOR SUNGLASSES & WAYFARER SUNGLASSES, the best men’s style in sunglasses for 2016 so far, for the most part, has been the round shape shades. Putting on a round pair of sunglasses will get you on trend and in style immediately. There’s something about round these days that just makes it plain cool and round has that vintage look which, also, is always in style.

There’s two ways to wear round. One is a smaller fit which usually is the more vintage look, or a normal size (larger) fit as pictured above and below. The larger round is used more by men but many celebrities trend to wear a tighter fit.

The smaller vintage look in round can come in several different styles, more stylish with a nose bridge

Check out some of our most popular and favorite ROUND sunglasses for men:

The Ray-Ban 2447:

The Ray-Ban 3447: