March 3, 2024

One of the best shows to hit HBO in a long time is the newly acclaimed show VINYL. Vinyl is based on the 1970s New York record industry scene fueled by drugs, sex and rock n’ roll. The lead is played by none other than Bobby Cannavale. You may remember him from his role in Boardwalk Empire which was also a great HBO show. We’ve been asked a few times What Sunglasses Does Bobby Cannavale (Richie Finestra) Wear in Vinyl? (Richie Finestra is his character)

While he doesn’t wear a specific name brand type of sunglasses, at least that we can tell, he wears a few different types of AVIATOR style sunglasses. As long as you get a classic pair of aviator sunglasses you’ll be able to achieve the classic rock and roll look. Let’s take a look.

bobby cannavale aviator sunglasses vinyl

Source: Unknown – Credit HBO

You have a lot of options to choose from in terms of branded and non branded:



The classic Ray-Ban 3025 in gold with brown gradient lenses:

ray ban 3025 00151