September 24, 2023

By now winter has drifted in, most of us have packed away our sunglasses. Rather, we have pulled out gloves, hats and scarves — and abandoned these’summertime’ accessories for one more year. But, despite the dull, drizzly rainstorms and sudden blustering blizzards, there is a spot for sunglasses on your winter attire.
From ski breaks high from the mountains into the very long Sunday walks once the sun hangs low in the sky, it always pays to keep a set of sunglasses near hand throughout winter months. Most of us like to hit the slopes include wintertime, and there are no better alternatives to thick goggles than lightweight sunglasses. The key here is to invest in a pair which still have lots of face coverage, to ensure any flurries do not hamper your visibility.


To this end, Cubitt’s offering are ideal. A favourite from the British brand, the brown lenses are broad enough to block the sun from many angles. Similarly, Kirk Originals’ aviator-style glasses have taken vintage inspiration which fade from black to jar green. Or, if you want to have an alternate look, try Moncler’s leather side-shielded polarised men’s sunglasses. And, for everything from apres-ski to a wintertime trek, these basic sunglasses will help shield your eyes from the additional glow a blanket of snow will probably throw back at you.


Ray-Ban, that bastion of classic sunglasses design, is the gold standard here — quite literally with its Gold-Tone Aviators. But don’t dispel the iconic Wayfarer design — interchangeable with a rock’n’roll aesthetic, they’ll keep you looking cool this winter. Or, to get a squarer frame, Cutler and Gross is a master at balancing fashion with comfort.
Most of us have a tendency during the winter months to pare back our wardrobes, package up beneath large, dark overcoats and spend the season yearning for the bright colours and patterns of summertime. But accessories are a excellent way to maintain your personality on show through the darker days of the year.


Native Sons is available with its Bradbury sunglasses, which compensate for in striking form what they lack in boldness of color. Cubitts doesn’t have the identical problem, however, with its yellowish offering. And Mr Leight, from father-and-son group Larry and Garrett Leight, proves it has some surprises up its sleeve using this’60s Mod-inspired design.